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Ultraspin Technology

Treating water with respect since 1982

Ultraspin Technology design and supply high performance oily water separators.

Our systems utilise our innovative hydrocyclone technology to separate oils, fats, grease and solids from contaminated water. Based in Melbourne, we’re the largest oily water equipment supplier in Australia. Ultraspin’s leading edge technology is a high powered, low maintenance alternative to other traditional forms of oily water treatment, such as coalescing plate separators, air floatation and large retention tanks in and above ground.

Ultraspin engineering expertise

Selecting an Oil Water Separator

The single most important factor when choosing an oil water separator is oil droplet size. Your oil droplet size determines which oil water separator technology types will work for your application, and which will not work! Follow this link to learn more.

There are many oil water separator technologies on the market with different methods of separation. It can get confusing. Follow this link to help understand the many different technologies available.

Spend wisely! We help you uncover the hidden costs for running different oily water separator types. From cleaning costs, site access and excavation costs, crane hire, to fire proofing, engineering fees – find out what most suppliers won’t tell you!

Experience and Knowledge Matters


We know you only want to deal with a quality supplier with the experience to deliver the results you need. But how do you know if a vendor has the credibility to backup their oily water claims? Ask for the numbers!

Ultraspin has installed over 1,750 oil water separators – treating billions of litres of oily water all over the world.

Systems Installed

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Megalitres of water treated per year

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