Oil Water Separator

The Ultraspin oil water separator has a high separation efficiency. It requires little or no maintenance or operator attention. Our oil water separators achieve these unique benefits by using our innovative hydrocyclone technology which generates high centrifugal separation forces. Our oil water separator systems have won awards from our customers, including large corporations.

Small flow Oil Water Separators
Flows less than 7 m3/hour
Ultraspin has standard packages that include all the accessories needed for typical oily wastewater treatment installations.
Large flow Oil Water Separators
Flows Up to 600+ m3/hour
These systems can be custom engineered to fit your unique purpose by our team of in-house Oily Water experts.
oily water separator diagram

How does the Oily Water Separator work?

The oily water separator works on a powerful but simple vortex principle. The Oily water is pumped tangentially into a cone-shaped separator. This creates a spinning vortex which creates the separation force. The vortex accelerates as it moves down the cone. Strong centrifugal forces separate the heavier water phase to the outside of the vortex while the lighter oil phase moves to the centre. The separated oil is removed through an orifice located in the inlet end and the treated water is discharged through the opposite end.

Why is it such a powerful separator?

This oil water separator relies on strong centrifugal forces for oil separation. Other oil water separators, like coalescing plate packs, petrol interceptors or similar oil separators, rely on weaker gravitational forces for oil separation.

The centrifugal force generated inside the vortex of the Ultraspin oil separator is in the order of 1,000 times the force of gravity! With such force, effective oily wastewater treatment can be achieved even with emulsified oil droplets.

Ultraspin has a range of solutions to suit your performance requirements and budget. Tell us your discharge requirements, and we can design a solution to meets your needs.