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Oily Water Sample Analysis

Non-compliance fines, clean-up costs, money spent on unnecessary upgrades –  these are all results of poor oily water sampling collection, analysis and reporting. 

Oily water analysis requires highly specialised knowledge and skills. Finding laboratories that possess the required skills and expertise is difficult, with responses often slow and inaccurate. Unfortunately, we often find Australian laboratories using non-approved analysis techniques which may be low cost and sometimes ‘NATA’ approved however they do not align with the legal reporting requirements of the Australian government or internationally recognised best practice. 

This gap in Australian laboratory analysis led Ultraspin to establish a specialist oily water laboratory. At Ultraspin, we use Government, EPA, Trade Waste and internationally recognised and approved techniques for oily water analysis.

We offer…

  • Specialist oily water laboratory
  • Internationally recognised and approved techniques for oily water analysis 
  • Highly specialised knowledge and skills

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How can we help you?

Our specialist laboratory team can help in a variety of ways…

  • High level oily water analysis including:
    • Oil and Grease analysis
    • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Analysis
    • Particle size analysis using Visual Process Analyser
    • Fat and oil concentration determination
    • Suspended solids analysis to ASTM D5907
    • Microscopic analysis
    • Turbidity Determination
    • Surface Finish Measurement
    • Conductivity Measurement
    • Total Dissolved Solids
    • Along with the typical laboratory measurements such as pH and temperature
  • The equipment we have available includes:
    • Visual process particle sizer (5 to 200 micron). Can distinguish oil, solids and gas
    • Malvern droplet particle sizer (5 to 200 micron)
    • Motic B1 Microscope 4x to 100x magnification
    • Laboratory Clemence 2000 Centrifuge up to 4000g
    • Laboratory dehydrating oven up to 200ᵒC
    • Infrared hydrocarbon absorbance analyser
    • Kern high accuracy scales ±0.1mg
    • TR200 Surface Roughness Tester, detect roughness as little as 0.2 micron
    • SPI Surface Texture Comparison Kit
    • Endecotts Calibrated Test Seives, from 125mm to 20 microns
    • Density Hydrometer, 0.7g/mL to 1.1g/mL
    • Imhoff Cones, % of Wet Solids
    • Turbidity Tubes, NTU
    • Range of Specialised Glassware

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