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Ultraspin Oily Water Test Facility

Oil Separator Proving and Test Facilities

Receiving oily water equipment that performs as you expect it should sounds like a basic requirement. Too often however, we have found that vendors make claims that are not backed by objective scientific data collected from properly constructed test facilities under a controlled environment.

Such oily water test facilities are available in other parts of the world but unfortunately not in Australia. To address this gap, Ultraspin established a specialist oily water testing and proving facility. We test all our equipment prior to delivery and have also tested other oily water equipment manufactured by other vendors.

Used for performance testing to the standards of ANSI oily water test protocol and European EN-858 free oil recovery, our proving wet facility can also generate oil water mixtures of known oily droplet size in real time. This area is also a valuable tool in our ongoing research and development at Ultraspin.

What we offer…

Our equipment can be used for most types of oily water separators and associated equipment for:

  • Feasibility and concept testing
  • Research and Development including Prototype testing
  • Pre award test (PAT): Obtaining proof of performance before purchase
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT’s) of completed equipment
  • Post installation trouble shooting
  • Remote options are also available for testing or tours of the factory

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How can we help you?

Ultraspin has dedicated oily water test facilities with an onsite laboratory to carry out all your testing requirements. We have capability to test to the following standards:

  • Oily water performance testing standards:
    • ASTM: American standard (ASTM D 6104-97)
    • European EN-858
    • Others
  • Clean Water Flow:                 50m3/hr
  • Oily Water Flow:                    15m3/hr
  • Oily Droplet Micron Size:     10 to over 300 micron
  • Oil Types:                                Free, emulsified, dissolved and heavy oil 
  • Oil Density:                             All types of oil with density range 700 to 950 kg/m3

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