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Transport Industry

Oily water solutions for planes, trains, boats and buses – workshops and washdowns

Ultraspin has been supplying oily water treatment solutions to the transport sector for more than 20 years. Whether it’s a bus depot, rail workshop or airport we’ve got you covered.

Ultraspin Oil Separator at Transport Depot
Bus Depot
Transport hub

How will the Ultraspin system improve my oily water discharge?

Effective oil separation will improve your trade waste compliance

Out-dated oily water separator systems may no longer be able to meet regulations regarding water discharge and will need to be replaced. 

Ultraspin Oily water separators provide superior wastewater treatment in comparison to many other methodologies.

With an Ultraspin Oily Water separation system: 

  • Surface oils can be effectively skimmed prior to treatment with an Ultraspin skimmer
  • Oil droplets can be separated as small as 5 micron
  • Variable input flows are not a problem, the Ultraspin separators can function from 1m3/hr to 100m3/hr
  • Little or no maintenance is required
  • Operator supervision is kept to a bare minimum
  • Compared to coalescing plate packs it is more cost effective
  • Treated water will be compliant for trade waste discharge
  • Installation or retrofitting is easy
Ultraspin oily water treatment for the transport sector

With the Ultraspin Oily Water Separator, your wastewater will be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

How does the Ultraspin oily water separator remove oils?

Oily water is pumped into a precisely engineered tapered pipe, creating a vortex generating 1,000 times the force of gravity. Under such force the heavier water is pushed to the outer edge of the vortex and discharged from the the smaller end while the lighter oil moves to the centre of the vortex and dispelled from the broader end.

It has no moving parts, rarely needs cleaning, works much faster than gravity, and is powerful enough to treat even 15 micron oil droplets!

Find out more about Ultraspin separators

There is one thing you must know before choosing an oily water separator: what size oil droplets do you have?

It is a fundamental question, as it will determine what micron rating you require and therefore which separator type will be suitable for your application.

Need more info on micron rating?

Case Study

Transnet Rail Engineering, Transport – Rail

South Africa

A freight rail network that spans South Africa, Transnet is the backbone for the country’s movement of goods from port to inland.

The engineering team is responsible for the maintenance of all rail rolling stock across more than 100 sites. In a number of sites, the existing methodology for oil separation had reached the end of its life span and no longer able to clean the wastewater to environmental specification for discharge into the sewer. The system relied heavily on rope skimmers to perform the initial oil removal prior to treatment – they were simply not up to the task.

In nearly 20 sites, Ultraspin provided skimmers, oily water separators using hydrocyclone technology and collection tanks to cope with flows varying between 3.5 – 7 m3/hr to reduce the oil and grease load to below 50 mg/L. Each site now meets the sewer discharge standards and have a high oil recovery record. By replacing rope skimmers with Ultraspin skimmers they have also lowered operator costs.

Ultraspin Oil Separator at Transnet Rail

“…the rope skimmers simply weren’t able to do the job…”

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