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Rental Oil Separators

‘Ultrapak’ is our range of high performance Ultraspin oil separators available for hire. Just about anything you can buy through Ultraspin you can rent.

  • Do you need a world-class oil separator?
  • Do you want to save capital funds?
  • Need a temporary or semi-permanent solution?
  • Want an extended trial or ‘Try before you buy’?
  • Do you need a solution that is ‘plug and play’?
Rental Oily Water Separator before dispatch

Contact our Rental Manager

Nicole Tournas
Email: NicoleT@ultraspin.com.au

Some of our popular rental models:

Small Flow Pneumatic System

OS Cube oily water separator for rental

Small Flow Electric System

Ultrapak EC Cube from Ultraspin

High Flow Electric System

Oil Water Separator - Ultraspin High flow electric

SuperCubi System

Oil Water Separator - Ultraspin High flow electric
Small Flow Pneumatic
Small Flow Electric
High Flow Electric
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Container or Pallet
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Water Flow rate
1 to 3.5m3/hr
1 to 7m3/hr
Up to 150m3/hr
Up to 10m3/hr
Pump type
Pneumatic or Electric
Oil Collection Tank
1,000L - 5,000L
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1,000L - 5,000L
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5,000L - 15,000L
5,000L - 10,000L
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What’s typically included?

Delivery of equipment to and from site

Commissioning by experienced engineers

Regular major servicing for life of rental

All spare parts

Training for new operators

Remote monitoring options

Dedicated account manager

24-hour technical support

Renting Vs. Buying

Benefits of Buying

  • Separator will be brand new
  • Separator will be specifically designed for your site
  • Buying usually cheaper than renting over the long-term
Ultrapak plug and play system

Benefits of Renting

  • Fast deployment
  • No upfront costs
  • No need to raise capital
  • No risk of low performance or non-compliance; if it doesn’t work send it back
  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade as required
  • Suits temporary or short-term oily water applications
  • Try before you buy
  • We take care of commissioning, spare parts, support and servicing

Arrow Energy – Rental Success

Arrow Energy is a major player in the Australian Oil & Gas industry. On one of their sites in Moranbah, Queensland they had an issue with oily water as by-product of their gas production. We were able to provide them with a solar powered rental solution. The system was able to treat the water from over 1000mg/L down to under 25mg/L.

Rental was a good fit for Arrow energy because:

  • We could get the system on site relatively quickly.
  • Getting the system approved internally was easy for them since there was no upfront capital cost.
  • They weren’t certain what flow rate they required and renting gave them flexibility to increase or decrease the treatment flow rate if required

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