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Ultraspin Technology

Treating water with respect since 1982


Ultraspin are your oily water treatment and oil separator

system experts!

We provide:

  • Innovative hydrocyclone oil separator technology for removing oils, greases and fats from water
  • A powerful oil separator package that removes emulsified oil droplets as small as 10 microns to achieve your discharge requirements
  • A low cost and low maintenance alternative to a traditional oil separator such as coalescing plate separators, gravity interceptors and DAFs
  • Off the shelf or customised oil separator solutions to meet your specific needs
Ultraspin Oily Water Separation Engineers

Our Vision

  • To give customers the best possible outcome when treating oily water. 

Our Mission

  • We believe in challenging the status quo, there is always a better way.
  • When we understand customers’ needs, we innovate and we produce solutions and products that are simple in design, reliable in use and give great outcomes.

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    Experience Matters

    We know you only want to deal with a quality supplier with the experience to deliver the results you need. But how do you know if a vendor has the credibility to backup their oily water claims? Ask for the numbers! Ultraspin has installed over 2,000 hydrocyclone oil separators – treating billions of litres of oily water all over the world.

    Systems Installed

    Installed Capacity (m3/hr)

    Megalitres of water treated per year

    Milllion Litres of Oil Collected per Year