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Service & Spares

Complete after sales support

Water no longer in compliance? Pump failed? Someone drove over your skimmer? You’d be surprised but it does happen!

Call us on +61 3 8841 7200 for immediate support

We stock replacement pumps and pump parts

Rotor, Stator, Mechanical seal replacement? We can help!

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Need new diaphragms for your pneumatic pump? We can help

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 What do I need for a complete oily water solution?

You obviously need the system but you’re also going to need someone to be there with you in 1, 2 even 10 years down the track

Ultraspin has been designing, building and supplying oily water equipment for more than 30 years. For that whole time, we’ve had a dedicated servicing and spare parts team because we know how important that after sales support is!

We build our equipment to be as simple and self sufficient as possible but every piece of equipment needs a little bit of TLC over it’s life time. Whether that’s getting a tech on the ground to go over the system, train up the guys on site and make recommendations for improvements or you just need to refurbish your pump on your own, we’re here to help.

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Commissioning and Service

To ensure reliable operation of the Ultraspin system, recommended maintenance is broken up into 3 categories: Minor, Major and Specialist. We can provide all three services but are happy for our customers to complete the Minor and Major services following the simple instructions given in our manual.

The recommended Specialist service involves a higher level of service that can only be carried out by a qualified Ultraspin service engineer. Our engineers are familiar with all aspects of the system design and can assist with the more difficult things that oily water treatment involves, including:

  • Advanced oily water separator operation trouble shooting
  • Advanced oily water separator compliance testing and trouble shooting
  • Breakdown repair and system recommissioning
  • Fitting of spare parts (in addition to minor or major service) and system recommissioning
  • Specialist oily water sample collection. This may include preparation of samples for external laboratories or for analysis by Ultraspin.
  • Detailed oily water analysis. This may include site oil droplet size measurement, temperature, pH, Turbidity, density measurements for multiple sources
  • Site oily water source assessments. Identify and characterise all sources of oily water in terms of treatability and treatment options.
  • HAZOPS site audits
  • Training for maintenance and operation personnel

Spare Parts

  • 48 Hour dispatch for stocked items
  • Genuine OEM parts and unique Ultraspin parts – One stop shop, we offer you everything you need to keep your Ultraspin unit in tip top condition.
  • Minor and Major service spare parts plus other parts you may need to stock.
  • We don’t always stock larger flow pumps, if you have one of these it’s highly recommended that you always keep your own backup pump on site.

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Your technicians are very professional and knowledgeable and your service is second to none in my opinion.

Darren Field

Infrastructure and Services Supervisor, BHP

Capability, experience, quality & service.

Kevin Raymond

Business Development Manager, Gearon Civil