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Ultraspin Separators

Treating water with respect
Ultraspin oily water separator
Ultraspin OIl water Separator
Oil water separators for industrial applications

Why use an Ultraspin oily water separator?

Cutting edge performance with all the maintenance of a tapered piece of pipe
Low Cost Fully Compliant Easy to Run

In mine sites, workshops, transport hubs or meat and dairy, oily water separators are used in a large number of industries – wherever wastewater is generated with an oil or fat content.

Ultraspin's hydrocyclone design for oily water separators

The Ultraspin Oily Water Separator

How does the Oily Water Separator work?

A spinning vortex is created by pumping the oily water tangentially into a cone-shaped separator. This creates a powerful centrifugal force, that accelerates as it moves down the cone. These strong forces separate the heavier water component to the outside of the vortex while the lighter oil droplets are forced to the centre. The separated oils are removed through an orifice at the inlet end of the cone and treated water is discharged through the opposite end.

Why is it such a powerful separator?

The centrifugal force generated inside the vortex of the Ultraspin oil separator is in the order of 1,000 times the force of gravity! With such force, effective oily wastewater treatment can be achieved even with emulsified oil droplets as low as 15 microns. Other oil water separators, like coalescing plate packs, petrol interceptors, tanks or similar oil separators, depend on the effects of gravity for oil separation and consequently are less efficient and can be a lot slower. With an Ultraspin separator you will have a high performance, reliable, low risk system that requires very little maintenance.

The complete package

Take the stress out of ensuring your wastewater system will work by giving us a call. We will work with you to design a complete system of oily water treatment with no hidden surprises.

With a complete Ultraspin system that includes strainers, skimmers, storage decant tanks and control equipment as standard, you know exactly what your costs will be. Plus, we are preferred suppliers with many Australian companies for the mining, oil and gas, power, meat processing and dairy industries.

With increasingly high wastewater treatment standards for environmental discharge, our system is second to none. We haven’t found a regulatory requirement yet that we can’t meet.

Give us a call on (61) 3 8841 7200 or send through an email to get started on solving your oily water separation concerns.

An oily water separator is the central part of any wastewater treatment system. Be sure you know exactly what you need to make it work, particularly when assessing the total budget.


We’ve put together a flow diagram to show you the key components so you know exactly what you need and what you get.

Oily Water Separator – The key components of an oily water separator system 

Why treat oily water?

The reasons for treating wastewater are varied but essentially come down to a few simple key reasons:

  • to be compliant with environmental discharge requirements
  • to recycle or re-use water for other applications on your site
  • to minimize the amount of chemicals used in your current treatment system
  • to reduce discharge costs of oily water
  • to recover fats and oils that may be sold to other companies

The Ultraspin system gives you all that and more:

  • a low risk, cost effective method of treatment
  • free up operator man hours for other tasks in your facility
  • operates 24/7
  • copes with variable flow
Ultraspin OIly Water Separator System

Which model should I choose?

The first step is to determine your oil droplet size and incoming flow rate to gain a clearer understanding of what system will suit your application. Take a look at our YouTube videos for a quick overview of our OS Cube and HD Separators – it will literally only take a minute! For further information, you can download our brochures.

What do I need for a complete oily water solution?

Skimmers, strainers, decant tanks, pumps and control equipment for the best possible outcome

In most sites where oily water treatment is required, wastewater is not simply oil and water. Often sediment, detergents, large debris or variable flow rates will significantly affect the efficiency of the oil water separation system.

All Ultraspin oily water separator systems are provided with everything you need to have the best possible water treatment outcomes. You don’t have the hassle of sourcing the pump, oil storage decant tank, strainers or skimmers – we supply that as standard without costing you an arm and a leg.

Constructed (and tested) from the most suitable materials to withstand the tests of time, abrasion, chemical attack and weather, they will be there for as long as you need. Plus, we put it all together in a skid-mounted format and test it before leaving the factory. Use a forklift to put it in place and plug it in.



Why should I use a skimmer?

Skimmers remove the surface layer of oil, reducing the risks of oil layer build up.

  • Minimise the risk of oil spills if the pit floods (no oil on top to overflow)
  • Reduces flammable risk – no oil on top to catch fire
  • Less pit pump-outs when no oil gets built up
  • Eliminates nasty odours

Skimming first will also greatly improve the quality of your discharge water.

Why use the Ultraspin skimmer?

Our skimmers are floating self-adjusting weir style which means if there are fluctuations in water flow or the skimmer tilts, it will adjust itself automatically and operate as normal.

  • No manual adjustment required
  • Skims all oil types
  • Draws in oil from more than 5m away for full pond or tank skimming
  • Robust construction from stainless steel to withstand the elements

Find out more by visiting our Skimmer page

Skimmers to remove surface level oils


A strainer prevents trash and debris from entering the oily water separator.

Unfortunately, most separator systems do not come with a strainer by default, which means the equipment gets damaged quickly – forcing downtime and requiring costly spare parts.

Over our 30 years in the industry, we have seen all kinds of debris in oily water pits; leaves and twigs, cigarette butts, feathers, food packets, cable ties, even beetles and other insects! Without a strainer, you risk damaging downstream equipment, increased maintenance and associated costs, and lowered efficiency of your oily water separator.

Having a strainer is essential for protecting the pump and other equipment from wear and damage.

What is the advantage of the Ultraspin strainer?

Ultraspin strainers are designed with the operator in mind:

  • Large capacity – reduce the frequency of emptying and monitoring
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • No heavy lifting or bending over, can be cleaned by one person without any special tools
  • Robust perforated stainless steel (not mesh) so debris doesn’t get stuck or damage the strainer
Beetles collected in a strainer which would have damaged the oil water separator

Beetles in the strainer basket that would have fouled the oily water separator

An oil storage tank needs to be big enough to do the job

Example – This drum is too small. The Decant tank needs to large enough for the job

Oil Storage Decant Tanks

Why capacity matters

If a supplier provides a small storage tank (as shown in the picture at left), often it will be inadequate for the amount of oil to be collected leaving you with a messy, hard to clean oil spill when it overflows. We recommend that you go for a tank that is slightly bigger than you think you need, to ensure it meets your demands. While many vendors don’t supply a storage tank (or consider it an “optional” extra for the customer to correctly size and source themselves) at Ultraspin we provide a large capacity storage tank with every oily water system, sized specifically to meet your needs.

A bigger tank gives you the convenience of emptying it less often, and no more constantly checking to see if it’s over-flowing.

Why does the Ultraspin tank feature a water decant?

Separated oil from a treatment system always contains a large percentage of water in addition to the recovered oil. This is true for every single oily water separator technology on the market. If you don’t decant the excess water, you are paying to remove more than you should. There’s no point paying extra for water to be collected with the oil!

Our unique design collect all your oil and also automatically decants to draw out as much excess water as possible, which can save you a lot of money in waste disposal fees.

Aeration Tanks

How does an Aeration Tank work?

The Ultraspin Aeration Tank works by injecting air into the tank via a sparger, producing fine bubbles. As the bubbles rise to the surface, the dissolved oil is ‘captured’. It is ideal for removing dissolved hydrocarbons or heavily emulsified oils.  Extended aeration is achieved by allowing enough residence time for natural aerobic bacteria to consume the emulsified oil.

What happens if it isn’t used?

The risks of not collecting all the oils from your wastewater:

  • the potential for environmental non-compliance
  • stagnant, smelly water
  • unable to re-use the water due to non-compliance
  • further treatment to collect the emulsified or dissolved oil – the only way to find out if it is there is through testing.

Lower your dissolved oxygen, pH, TPH, dissolved oils and the smell.  Don’t let your trade waste authority be the one to bear the bad news!

Download the Aeration Tank information sheet to find out more

aeration-tank-brochure-thumbnailAeration Tank Fact Sheet


Isn’t a pump a pump?

Not always. A pump can be detrimental to the oily water – chopping and heavily emulsifying the oil making it harder to separate. At Ultraspin we design and select our pumps to be nice and gentle on the oily water.

Many vendors use cheap centrifugal pumps that act like egg beaters!

We work with you to determine the most appropriate pump – pneumatic or electric – based on your system flow rate. Different materials are also available to suit the application.

Nice and gentle pumps for oil separators

Level Switches and Recycle Valves

Level Switches

The Ultraspin level switches automatically start and stop the separator depending on the water levels in the inlet pit.

  • easy to install
  • pneumatic for intrinsic safety (electric level switches are available)
  • reliable
  • no ongoing maintenance
  • compliant with Australian Standards
Recycle valve for improved water separation

The Ultraspin Recycle Valve

  • allows you to remove thick oil layers before discharging treated water
  • drastically improves the overall oil separation efficiency for higher water quality at discharge
  • ensures separators can cope with high oil loads while meeting discharge requirements
  • minimises blockages in the separators, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Backflush function is available on electric models.

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