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What do oily water separators do?

Remove oil droplets of up to 150 microns from wastewater streams at flow rates up to 100 m3/hour and beyond

In mine sites, workshops, transport hubs or meat and dairy, oily water separators are used in a large number of industries – wherever wastewater is generated with an oil or fat content.

Why treat oily water?

The reasons for treating wastewater are varied but essentially come down to a few simple key reasons:

  • to be compliant with environmental discharge requirements
  • to recycle or re-use water for other applications on your site
  • to minimize the amount of chemicals used in your current treatment system
  • to reduce discharge costs of oily water
  • to recover fats and oils that may be sold to other companies

The Ultraspin system gives you all that and more:

  • a low risk, cost effective method of treatment
  • free up operator man hours for other tasks in your facility
  • operates 24/7
  • copes with variable flow
Ultraspin OIly Water Separator System
Ultraspin's hydrocyclone design for oily water separators

The Ultraspin Oily Water Separator

How does the Oily Water Separator work?

A spinning vortex is created by pumping the oily water tangentially into a cone-shaped separator. This creates a powerful centrifugal force, that accelerates as it moves down the cone. These strong forces separate the heavier water component to the outside of the vortex while the lighter oil droplets are forced to the centre. The separated oils are removed through an orifice at the inlet end of the cone and treated water is discharged through the opposite end.

Why is it such a powerful separator?

The centrifugal force generated inside the vortex of the Ultraspin oil separator is in the order of 1,000 times the force of gravity! With such force, effective oily wastewater treatment can be achieved even with emulsified oil droplets as low as 15 microns.

Other oil water separators, like coalescing plate packs, petrol interceptors, tanks or similar oil separators, depend on the effects of gravity for oil separation and consequently are less efficient and can be a lot slower.

With an Ultraspin Separator you will have a high performance, reliable, low risk system that requires very little maintenance. Take the stress out of ensuring your wastewater system will work by giving us a call. We will work with you to design a complete system of oily water treatment with no hidden surprises.

So how big are your oil droplets?

Visually, oil can appear as big droplets sitting on the surface or if it is emulsified it may start to look ‘milky’. There is a whole range of oil droplet sizes in between and it is important to find out your oil droplet size to ensure the right system is used to maximise treatment.

Which model should I choose?

Once you have determined your oil droplet size and you know your incoming flow rate, we will have a clearer understanding of what system will suit your application.

Take a look at our YouTube videos for a quick overview of our OS Cube and HD Separators – it will literally only take a minute!

For further information, you can download our brochures.

Why Ultraspin?

The Ultraspin oily water separators feature our own hydrocyclone design that is far superior to other separator technologies including coalescing plate packs, gravity based settling tanks, filters or DAFs.

If you are using other technologies then you will know that to keep it functioning the costs just never stop. With a complete Ultraspin system, you know exactly what your costs will be.

Plus, we are preferred suppliers with many Australian companies for the mining, oil and gas, power, meat processing and dairy industries.

With increasingly high wastewater treatment standards for environmental discharge, our system is second to none. We haven’t found a regulatory requirement yet that we can’t meet.

Give us a call on (61) 3 8841 7200 or send through an email to get started on solving your oily water separation concerns.

An oily water separator is the central part of any wastewater treatment system. Be sure you know exactly what you need to make it work, particularly when assessing the total budget. We’ve put together a flow diagram to show you the key components so you know exactly what you need and what you get.

Oily Water Separator – The key components of an oily water separator system 

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