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Vehicle Wash

Keeping your wastewater as clean as your car
Washing a vehicle loader
Mining Truck Wash Water
Vehicle Wash Water Treatment

High powered vehicle wash wastewater treatment for re-use or discharge

Ultraspin Wash Bay Reclaim Systems:

  • Reliability – mechanically simple design to perform in the toughest conditions without breakdown
  • Automatic operation – no supervision required for continual use
  • Small footprint– ideal for smaller operations where space is at a premium
  • Sediment removal – sediment load and oil for environmental compliance and water recycling

What are the key elements of our system?

  • A floating oil skimmer to stop oil accumulating in the pit
  • Low shear feed pump with full control system
  • An Ultraspin oil separator to effectively remove oils and grease
  • An Ultraspin de-sander to remove suspended solids
  • A VBO Tank to keep the treated water fresh – ready for reuse or discharge
Ultraspin water treatment system for vehicle wash applications

Ultraspin Oily Water Separator clean quickly and efficiently

Oily water is pumped into a precisely engineered tapered pipe, creating a vortex generating 1,000 times the force of gravity. Under such force  the heavier water is pushed to the outer edge of the vortex and discharged from the the smaller end while the lighter fats, oils and grease moves to the centre of the vortex and discharged at the inlet end.

It has no moving parts, rarely needs cleaning, works much faster than gravity, and is powerful enough to treat even 15 micron oil droplets! Find out more about Ultraspin.

Oily Wash Water Samples

Ultraspin treatment of light vehicle wash bay water. Inlet on left; treated water on right

Heavily contaminated wash water samples

Ultraspin treatment of heavily contaminated vehicle wash water. Inlet on right; treated water on left.

Case Study 1:

Green ‘n’ Clean, Vehicle Wash, Blackburn, Victoria

In a typical car wash facility low cost, low maintenance but reliable oil water treatment systems are needed. Water is re-used or discharged to sewer.  In the case of Green ‘n’ Clean, water from the wash enters the first collection pit where heavy solids drop out. An Ultraspin separator system was put in place to remove grease, oil, wax and suspended solids. The Ultraspin treatment system included a VBO Tank to aerate the treated water and prevent grey water smell. With a treated water flow of 3.5 m3/hr, a 1000 L water re-use tank and sediment filter, water is treated down to 5 microns ensuring great wash recycle water quality.

Ultraspin Oil Separator for Clean and Green Car Wash

“An Ultraspin treatment system keeps the water safe to wash your car again and again and again….”

Bus wash water treatment

“…the Public Transport Authority’s commitment to environment meant an upgrade of bus depot wastewater treatment systems…”

Case Study 2:

Swan Transit, Bus Wash,  Perth, WA

Swan Transit is contracted to Perth’s public transport network to provide bus services to the northern reaches of the city and currently operates eight bus depots. Under the direction of the Public Transport Authority’s commitment to environmental practices, five of the depots’ washbays were retrofitted with oily water separators and Swan Transit found the Ultraspin system to be a reliable system with low ongoing costs that meet their performance requirements.

Wastewater from this type of application is notorious for detergent and road grime content, making it particularly ‘dirty’ to clean. Ultraspin installed a full water reclamation system that included skimmers, a de-sander unit integrated into the electrically operated oily water separator. A VBO Tank was also included for final polishing of the treated water.

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